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About SAM


Founded by Sameera (SAM) is an incredible South Asian women-mother of two, who is a single parent. Her passion for fashion, coupled with her exceptional understanding of clothing, forms the cornerstone of our brand. Her boundless energy, friendly demeanor, and cheerful laughter define her personality. She is not just a fashion enthusiast but also a dedicated family person with an unshakable commitment to her loved ones.

Family holds a special place in her heart, and she extends her love and support to her community. She firmly believes in the power of helping others and strives to make a positive impact. One of her core belief she holds dear is that the youth should be nurtured, guided, and empowered, as she envisions them as the very foundation of our society's future.

Our founder's journey has been diverse, spanning different sectors, but she realized it was time to take control of her destiny and make a mark on her own terms. Her life is a shining example of a single mother pursuing her dreams without compromise.

At Becoming, we draw inspiration from our founder's values of selflessness and unity. SAM believe's in supporting and uplifting each other. Her purpose is to empower individuals to become their best selves and inspire positive change. As one of our founders' notable sayings, "One person, one youth, and one inspirational gesture, igniting positive change and unlocking full potential."