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Meet Us

Sameera Hossain
Director and Head designer

As the Director I am the driving force behind our company's vision and innovation. My leadership guides our team in realizing our strategic goals while ensuring that our designs not only meet high-quality standards but also reflect our commitment to unique and affordable streetwear fashion. My passion for inclusivity in design and dedication to providing consumers with exceptional, affordable products are at the heart of our brand's success.

Haniya Hammad
Operational Manager

I’m Haniya Hammad, Passionate about education, I've been actively engaged as a student coach and counselor, collaborating with universities and participating in various student events. Having a bachelors in Applied Bioscience and Masters in Applied data science I have had a great experience of interdisciplinary studies. Currently, I am pursuing my dual Masters at the University of Cambridge-UK. At Becoming, I oversee projects, coordinate between departments, and engage with the responsibility of identifying and engaging youth to support education—one youth at a time.

Usman Khan
Business Project Manager

I'm Usman Khan, and I've had the pleasure of working in a variety of roles in the business world. From startups to multinational corporations, I've gained a ton of experience that I'm excited to share. As a buiness project manager I know the business landscape can be a bit like a rollercoaster, with constant changes and challenges. But I've always believed in the power of creativity, agility, and thinking outside the box. In my journey with "BECOMING" I envision growth and success.

Shazia Hossain
Marketing Manager

Shazia Hossain is a multi-talented team member adept at seamlessly blending creativity. Beyond the artistry of makeup application, I meticulously oversee Marketing Management, leveraging my skills as a Marketing Manager to ensure a seamless promotional strategy, effective brand positioning, and optimal stock levels. This dual role allows me to contribute both artistic flair and marketing expertise, creating a harmonious balance.

Natalija Gajic

Hi there, I'm Natalija Gajic. I bring 15 years of experience to the table. My career has primarily focused on designing for various segments, including women's, men's, children's, underwear, and swimwear. In my role at Becoming, I work as a designer, using my expertise to create captivating and unique designs that meet our customers' high standards. I'm here to ensure our products are not only fashionable but also stand out from the crowd.